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New Orleans Hurricanes



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This 51-page workbook is a tool designed to help enhance your team's game strategy and scouting ability. It contains the following key sections:

  • Questions & Notes: These are critical questions you should be asking yourself about the layout with our answers. Also, additional notes from the players and coach Bianca to help get the gears turning.
  • Preliminary Breakout Shots & Bounce Shots: This section is filled will a list of breakout shots along with 41 bounce shots that you'll need to test.
  • Plays: We've drafted a handful of plays to get you started and to serve as a starting point. Your play design will be determined by your team's and player's strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Play Design Section: An area dedicated to brainstorming, creating, and refining your team's strategic plays. This section facilitates the visualization and planning of effective game strategies.
  • Scouting Legend: A guide to maintaining uniformity in your scouting notations, ensuring that all team members can easily understand and contribute to the scouting reports.
  • Scouting Sheets: A resource for systematically capturing and analyzing vital information about your opponents' behaviors and strategies, helping inform your tactical decisions.
  • Statistical Analysis: A section dedicated to organizing, interpreting, and understanding critical game data, helping your team assess performance and inform future strategies.
  • Heat Map: An illustrative tool to identify and understand the areas of the field your opponents use the most and when during the match they are likely to use them, aiding in strategizing your team's positioning and movements.

This workbook is an indispensable asset for any team aiming to gain a competitive edge and improve their gameplay.

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