We recognize that to be successful, you must have a culture that emphasizes several positive components. Components such as discipline, persistence, and determination. Those go without saying. However, in the New Orleans Hurricane camp, those components are tempered with even more important aspects such as integrity, honor, sacrifice, and generosity.

It isn’t just about winning. It is also about the pursuit of bettering ourselves and those around us, on and off the field, and achieving the results in a way we can be proud of. Benjamin Franklin said that “Well done is better than well said.” In other words, don’t tell us; show us. We couldn’t agree more. Every member is held to a standard, and there is no deviation. Steel sharpens steel, and we lift each other up and hold one another accountable. Each member brings strengths that will ultimately lead us to our organizational objectives. Those objectives will be met with hard work, resilience, and faith in one another.

And that is our mission – to succeed. But not just in the traditional understanding of wins on the field. We want to have a positive impact on our sport and in our communities. To represent our friends, families, and our sponsors in a positive, meaningful way and to make them proud.

The New Orleans Hurricanes are devoted to developing into the best program it can be. We are unified in our desire to win and to do so with class. To get better every time, to hold ourselves accountable, and be the best we can be.